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Alicorns or Flying Unicorns are the combination of all three races in Equestria and are most powerful of the Equestrians. In Equestria, Alicorns are seen as royalty, known as princesses, and at times seen as deities due to their immense power. They have heightened intelligence and lankier frames compared to others of their kind.

Alicorns are based on the race of the same name from Lauren Faust's "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"


Born or Gifted?


Because of their rarity in Equestrian society, it is hard to pin-point where the Alicorn came from or what an Alicorn truly is. They are said to be a mixture of all three pony types in Equestria, Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns, with the strength and nature manipulation of and Earth Pony, the flight and weather manipulation of the Pterippus, and the magic and mentality of the Unicorn.

The Sun and Moon

For the longest time in Equestria, because of the celestial bodies small size and distance in relation to Etheria, the Unicorn inhabitants had to use their magic to maneuver the Sun and the Moon, bringing on the day and the night. This process took six powerful Unicorns combined with Star Swirl the Bearded himself to accomplished, and left the group exhausted each time. One day, however, two Unicorns named Celestia and Luna, the young apprentices of Star Swirl the Bearded, stepped up and was able to use their power and single handedly moved the Sun and Moon respectively. This lead to both young mares getting their Cutie Marks and becoming Alicorns. they were dubbed princesses and were made the new rulers of Equestria.

Ruling Equestria

Tirek's Invasion

At some point in Equestria's past, Lord Tirek and his younger brother Scorpan arrived in Equestria from unknown lands. While sneaking around the outskirts of the Equestria, Tirek used his Etherian Centaur power to absorb magic from the Equestrians. However, Scorpan grew to like the ponies, even befriending them. This lead him to warn the princesses, Celestia and Luna, of Tirek's plan. The Princesses were able to overpower Tirek and lock him away in Tartarus while Scorpan returned to their home land.

Discord and Cosmos

Discord, the Serpopard of Chaos, and Cosmos, the Serpopard of Malice, invaded the lands of Equestria wanting to transform it into a chaotic wasteland. However, while Discord was content with annoying pranks and harmless reality bending, Cosmos, wanted pure destruction. This worried Discord, who alerted the high powers and rulers in Equestria, including the Alicorn Princesses, the Hippogriff Queen, the Deer King, and the Abyssinia King. They blamed Discord at first, but their attention was quickly turned to Cosmos and all parties, including Discord, used their power to shatter Cosmos, turning her into a constellation, the Andalusian Stars. Discord wiped the memory of Cosmos from everyone involved and took the blame for everything Cosmos did. This fate had him turned into stone for over one thousand years.

Nightmare Moon

Equestrians are diurnal creatures, thriving during the day and sleeping at night. This angered the Princess of the Night, Luna, who though the night beautiful. She was jealous of her subjects enjoying her sister's day time while they slept through her night. This jealously quickly turned to darkness which consumed Luna, transforming her into Nightmare Moon. her goal was to rule Equestria alone in an endless night and destroy Celestia. Although this pained her, Princess Celestia had to use the Elements of Harmony to banish Nightmare Moon in Etheria's moon.

Celestia's Reign

Age of Harmony

With Luna gone, Princess Celestia lead Equestria on her own and would continue to do so for nearly one thousand years. She had to manipulate both the sun and the moon by herself in order to continue the day and night cycle. This action led Celestia to be viewed as god like. Under her rule Celestia helped expand the nation and advance the lands forward.

Twilight the Apprentice

Late into Celestia's solo reign, she took on a young Unicorn as a student, noticing her proficiency in magic. Celestia groomed Twilight Sparkle into a powerful and head strong student, however, one who was alone and failed to make proper friends. Not wanting to make the same mistake she did with her previous student, Sunset Shimmer, Celestia sends Twilight away to Ponyville to make friends.

Nightmare Moon's return

The eve of Twilight's moving to Ponyville, was the longest day of the thousandth year of Luna's banishment, the Summer Solstice, better known as the Summer Sun Celebration. It was fabled that the Mare in the Moon would break free from imprisonment and return to Equestria to once again plunge it into eternal night while her sister Celestia took her place, trapped in the moon. She was eventually stopped by Twilight Sparkle and her new friends who were the current representatives of the Elements of Harmony. The darkness in Nightmare Moon retreated, reverting her back into young Princess Luna, soon to rejoin Celestia in ruling over Equestria.

Changeling Invasion

The city of Canterlot was under siege by the Changeling Queendom they day Celestia's Niece, Princess Cadence, was to be married. The former leader of the Changelings, Queen Chrysalis, captured and imprisoned Cadence and took her place, feeding off of of Shining Armor's love for her. With the help of Twilight and her friends, Cadence was able to free herself, and her true love for Shining Armor expelled the changelings from Canterlot.

Crystal Empire

Mysteriously, the long lost Crystal Empire returned, formally ruled and cursed by the evil King Sombra. Princess Cadence stepped up to reclaim the throne and rule over and protect the Crystal Ponies of the Empire from the encroaching Sombra Umbrum and and freezing cold of the Frozen North. Cadence used all of her power and energy to create a magical shield to protect the Crystal Empire.

New Alicorns

Cutie Mark Swap

Twilight Sparkle found and cast a lost, uncompleted spell from Star Swirl the Bearded. The spell inadvertently switched the Cutie Marks of the Element of Harmony bearers, sending their home town of Ponyville into disarray. Eventually, Twilight was able to piece by piece, reverse the issue and complete the spell. Completing the spell was the final test for ascension into royalty, transforming her into the Alicorn Princess of Friendship.

The Crystalling

Princess Cadence and her unicorn husband, Shining Armor, had a child together, eventually named Flurry Heart. Flurry Heart was the first natural born Alicorn, making dangerously powerful with her uncontrollable Alicorn magic. Her magic was so raw and powerful, that the saddened screams of her crying was able to shatter the love empowered Crystal Heart, succumbing the empire to the dangerous icy winds of the Frozen North. To protect the Crystal Pony Citizens, Celestia and Luna fought back the clouds using their powers.

War of Friendship

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Alicorns, like other Equestrians, appear similar to Earth Horses, however, their bodies are notably shorter and more rounded. Their coats and manes come in a variety of pastel-colors. What separates Alicorns from other Equestrians are their stated immense power, the height difference, and that they have both a Unicorn horn and Pterippus wings. Compared to other Equestrians, Alicorns grow taller, are more thin, and have an overall more equine appearance. Their horns grow longer and their wings grow larger. In Equestria, Alicorns are recognized as both royal leaders and, especially for Princess Celestia, as deities.

Powers and Abilities


  • Alicorn Physiology: Alicorns are physically the combination of all three Equestrian races: Pegasi, Earth Pony, Unicorn. They are horse-like in appearance but also have added abilities of magic and flight.
    • Horse Physiology: Alicorns, like other Equestrians, have horse-like anatomy. However, their physiology is more rounded, wide-eyed, and colorful.
      • Enhanced Agility: As a horse-like entity, Alicorns have enhanced agility compared to Humans and even other Equestrians.
      • Enhanced Speed: Because of their horse-like nature, Alicorns are already fast creatures, much faster than a normal humanoid. However, with the added strength of Earth Ponies and added speed of Pterippus, Alicorns are even faster than most other Equestrians.
      • Enhanced Strength: Compared to many humanoid creatures, Alicorns are very strong. However this strength only compared to humanoids
    • Mystokinesis: Alicorns are able to channel magical energy using their horns and use it to cat spells, levitate objects, and teleport.
      • Magic Attacks: Using their horns, magical energy can be forcibly expelled in a destructive light beam
      • Flyrogenesis: Alicorns are able to generate protective bubbles and shields around certain targets or themselves. Princess Cadence used a magical shield to protect the Crystal Empire against King Sombra
    • Telekinesis: Alicorns are able to hold objects using their magic in stead of having to use their mouths, like many other Equestrians.
      • Levitation: They can even uses their magic to hover in the air without having to use their wings.
    • Atmokinesis: Alicorns, because they are part Pterippus, are able to manipulate the weather. In the case of Celestia and Luna, they are even able to manipulate Etheria's Sun and Moon bringing on the day and the night.
    • Flight: Like the Pterippus, Alicorns are able to use their large wings, combined with magical intervention, to fly in the air. They are very fast flyers
      • Aerial Adaptation: Alicorns bodies are made for flight with small, lanky frames, large wings, and hollow bones.
      • Cloud Walking: Like all flying creatures, Alicorns are able to unconsciously manipulate the clouds beneath them, making them firm enough to walk and sit on.
    • Longevity: It is unknown if Alicorns are truly immortal, but they do have highly extended life-spans. The oldest Alicorns are known to be over two thousand years old.


  • Mentality: Compared to most other Equestrians, Alicorns are very intelligent and it is clear that they have a very high mental capacity.


  • Hubris: Alicorns are often too sure of their own power and get easily taken down or captured because of it. They attempt to use magic to fix their problems, without thinking of all of the possibilities, and only end up making the situation they are faced with many times worse.
  • Stress: Alicorns when faced with stressful situations or any situation where they overexert themselves or if the Alicorn is lacking in sleep, almost never make the best decisions. Sometimes the Alicorn would work themselves to the point of exhaustion, leaving them venerable.
  • Kindness: For the most part, Alicorns are very regal and kind to a fault. They have no problem sacrificing themselves for others or will completely trust someone else even when not given reason to trust them. When not relying in their magic, Alicorns rely solely on friendship to handle their problems.

Notable Alicorns

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True Alicorns

  • Princess Celestia
  • Princess Luna
  • Princess Cadence
  • Princess Twilight
  • Flurry Heart

False Alicorns

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